Hare Krishna Physiotherapy clinic
Dr. Labhendra Mhatre



Q. Cost of the treatment?
A: the cost of treatment is depending on the sessions required for the complete treatment.

Q. When should I come for treatment?
A: if you are the new patient you must take appointment before coming. Current patient must follow the given follow up time.
Contact: 09819918844

Q. Which are the therapies you provide in your clinic?
A: we provide physiotherapy, occupational therapy {on call}, speech therapy {on call}, acupressure, thai yoga therapy, fitness consultant {on call}, yoga instructor {on call}, and dietician {on call}.

Q. Should I consult with orthopedic before coming to your clinic?
A: Its not hardly necessary. We will suggest if it is needed.

Q. Do you provide home visits?
A: yes we do, the charges depends on the condition and duration of the treatment.

Q. Does you provide belts, splints etc in your clinic?

A: yes we do, but on the order. The patient has to do advance payment.

Q. It is necessary to come with the reports before coming to your clinic?
A: yes you do, if unable to bring just don’t worry our physiotherapy staff is there to diagnosis.

Q. Should I take appointments before coming to your clinic?
A: yes you must take appointment before coming to the clinic, because the time is given to the other patient. It you want to save your time you must take appointment.

Q. Minimum how many days, I should take the treatment?
A:It is depend on your condition from which you are suffering

Q. Which machines available in your clinic?
A: SWD, ultra sound, I F T, stimulator, tense, cervical and lumber traction, hot pack, TENS, Russian current.

Q. Is it open all the days of the week or there is any week off?
A:Yes, it is closed on Sunday.

Q. What is the scheduled time of the clinic?
A:10am to 1pm in the morning and 6pm to 10pm in the evening.